From Benefits To Billions



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Youth Without Ambition

A young man is content to drift through life aimlessly, innocently and happily.

Stares Into The Abyss

Life on benefits drives him to an act of desperation.

And The Abyss Stares Back

A mysterious man who only answers to the name Dad stops him in his tracks and confronts him with the only two choices he has left in life.

Get rich or die…

From a modest upbringing in South Wales, to the CEO of the hugely successful company, Forward Cover Insurance, whose unstoppable momentum is set to take the American market by storm, Mark Bashford takes us on a good-humoured, light-hearted and disarmingly honest journey through his young adult life. Reflecting on the unexpected components of his ultimate business success.

Literally, from benefits to billions!

Mark Bashford lives quietly in West Wales, where he divides his time between family, friends, model cars, foreign travel, taking walks when the weather is good, and writing books when the weather is bad.


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