Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, fitness fanatics have become accustomed to performing endless burpees in their living rooms, pull-ups on door frames, and lunges with makeshift homemade dumbbells. Many people however, invested in-home gym equipment allowing them to work out properly during the periods where gyms were closed. Now (for most of us) gyms are back open, and many may be wondering whether it’s worth re activating previous memberships. Below we have listed the pros and cons of both gym and home workouts.


Pros  Cons
1. Greater equipment variety Unless you have access to vast quantities of space, and very deep pockets, it is likely that variety of equipment you will have access to at the gym trump the pair of dumbbells you bought during the lockdown.  1. Re occurring costs If you invested in some high quality equipment for your home workout space, then you may be reluctant to pay a monthly membership fee.
2. Community spirit For many the gym is not only a place where you can go to work out but is also a social space to meet friends and feel part of a wider community. For those who use the gym as a way to socialise as well as sweat, home workouts simply won’t be an option2. Increased time cost There is no doubt that working out at home can save you huge amounts of time. The travel time to and from the gym, on top of your workout period may be something you are not able to afford. In this case a home workout option may be preferable/  
3. Classes Having a gym membership may give you the opportunity to take part in a different classes and activities. For people who thrive off group exercise and enjoy the buzz of a collective endeavour, the choice to take part in classes is an important consideration.  3. Packed gyms There is nothing more frustrating than making the effort to go to the gym, and then having to wait endlessly for people to finish their sets, or for a machine to become free. Working out from home will offer the benefit of being able to workout at your own pace, doing what you want, when you want.

Home workouts

Pros  Cons
1. More efficient time management. Travelling to and from the gym can be a costly time investment, and as the saying goes ‘time is money’. Having the luxury of fitting in a workout whenever you see fit may suit your circumstances and may be preferable than having to schedule in a gym session.  1. Limited variability Home workouts can become tedious for a number of reasons. The range of exercises you are able to do will invariably be reduced compared with the freedom you would have at a fully equipped gym. Additionally, it may become tiresome working out on your own in the same space every day.  
2. Workout in your own space For many, going to a gym can be an intimidating and off-putting thought, and some people would be far more comfortable working out in their own space, free from prying eyes. It also eliminates the potential of wasted time waiting for others to finish up.  2. (Potentially) High start-up fees If you are serious about your training but want to work out from home, then the initial investment costs could be huge. Properly kitting out a home gym could easily cost you upwards of £2,000.
3. No monthly costs A regular monthly investment may be something unfordable to you (or you may just want to spend your money on other things). 

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The final say

There are advantages and disadvantages to both gym and home workouts, with the option you choose dependent on finances, work, and lifestyle choices. For many the gym is a sanctuary where they can escape, is a place where friends to meet up and socialise, and for serious athletes, is then only option if they want to pursue athletic endeavours. For others, working out from home better suits their lifestyle and time capacity, allows newbies to feel more comfortable, and often makes life that little bit simpler. Either way, exercise can be (and should be) a fulfilling and instrumental component to a healthy and happy life.

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