Adjustable Dumbbells set 20kg





Versatile: These dumbbells are perfect to perform a range of exercises including hammer and bicep curls and triceps extensions to work on your upper arms and lateral, side and rear raises with shoulder presses to build stronger shoulders. Target your legs by adding weight to lunges or squats to increase your strength and enhance your balance to make your body Bigger, Stronger and Leaner. This Weights set give you flexibility of multiple dumbbell sizes in one easily adjustable dumbbell. Convenience: Give your home workout a professional look with this Vinyl Dumbbell set. These dumbbells are perfect for a whole-body workout and can help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have, without leaving the house. The design is built to last and the rubber grips give you a more comfortable workout. Regardless of how limited your space is, you can have the freedom to train your own way with the weights you need. Durability: This 20kg Spinlock Dumbbell Set is made from durable Vinyl material, with a fully adjustable build offering you enormous variety in weight selection. Our spinlock collars provide a quick and safe way of securing your plates on the bar, and the heavy duty collars in this set feature unique design, further enhancing grip and preventing the weights from moving around and making noise during use. Adjustable: It is fully adjustable so you can select the weights you desire to lift. It is quick and easy to adjust the weights as they can be slid on to the bar and secured into place by the spin lock collars. Each weight plate is clearly identified by a raised number that will not wear down over time. Weight: This set includes: 4 x 1kg Vinyl plates; 4 x 1.25kg plates; 4 x 2.5kg p


  • 20kg
  • Good Quality

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