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Affordable Roof Repairs in Liverpool




Long-lasting Flat Roofs in Liverpool

TD Contactors is an esteemed and recognized roofing service provider in Liverpool. Our prolific experts concatenate the finesse of skills and pragmatism to prepare a perfect blend. We work as per the safety guidelines and the rules of the British Property Federation. We undertake both domestic and commercial works and ensure an A-grade delivery.

Roofing is an integral step in the property building in which any lacuna should be mitigated. Hardy and enduring roofs that can withstand the vagaries of weather remain to be the primal requisites always. However, apart from guaranteeing you longevity, we also use materials to construct Flat Roof in Liverpool that are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Scaffolding, constructing, constructing new flat roofs, zinc roofs, lead roofs are some of our specialities worthy of accentuating. Besides the standard roofing options, we can also prepare tailor-made options suitable perfectly to your needs and requirements. We are a client-specific company and solving the queries of our clients remains on our surface of attention.

We are dedicated to providing the best standards of service to our clients. Whether it is the installation of new roofing or repairing you can rely on us for ease of mind and stunning outcomes. We are stringent believers of knowledge to be the master key. We rigorously upskill our professionals and keep them up-to-date with the latest trends.

The Knick-Knacks of Our Flat Roofs in Liverpool:

Full Roofs in Liverpool are quite a popular choice of the locals in the locale. If designed practically, full roofs can add to the comprehensive value of your property. For full roofing, we use plenty of materials. Asphalt shingles, slate, clay or concrete tiles are some of the common and avidly used building materials. But nowadays, we offer more updated options like solar tiles and green roofing. Roofing can get expensive but we are highly competitive when it comes to quoting prices for the projects.

Felt roofing systems are also a specific type of Flat Roofs that we offer. The polyester-based elastomeric felts have high tensile strength. The roofs also allow any structural or thermal movement on the roof. We use a hot torch or cold adhered methods to install the felt roofing systems. The felt roofs are very flexible and will remain intact with the lowest maintenance.

We also apply Liquid Coating Systems to the flat roofs that we design. The Liquid Coating Systems looks versatile and can be a beneficial factor to seal the thermal insulation inside the periphery of the walls of your property.

We also prepare Tile Roof with hardy tessellations. They look sophisticated and very elegant. If you are looking for intricate Patch Work with delicate detailing, you can get in touch with our skilled team of experts.

Why hire TD Contractors Limited?

There are plenty of roofing contractors in Liverpool, yet we are preferred among our clients for the following reasons:

  • Latest techniques are used to prepare suitable flat roofs for your property.
  • We thoroughly inspect the structural integrity of your property then will suggest to you the type of roof that will fit perfectly to the base work.
  • We always work as per the guidelines of local governing bodies.
  • We will take the hassles of hard work. Planning, designing, completing the requisite paper works and installing the New Roofs is our responsibility.
  • We offer affordable rates without letting you negotiate with the quality or your wish list.

If you are looking for full roofs or flat roofs in Liverpool, then explore the myriad of options that we offer. Call us on 0151 3785 895 / 07986 081899 or write on for more details or a no-obligation quote. Our team shall be happy to attend to your queries and answer them effectively with promptness.

High-Quality Down Pipes To Give Your Home A Facelift

The vagaries of weather in the UK are hard to predict and episodic rainfall is inevitable. In this scenario, water clogging in the roof is one of the most crucial problems that property owners face in the Liverpool area. However, you can turn the problem into a trivial affair with a proactive and timely approach.

TD Contractors is a well-known and esteemed roofing service provider in the Liverpool area. Our crew of experts is seasoned and equipped to deliver the best outcomes to our clients. We have a large catalog of guttering options to fit the taste and requirements of our clients ideally. Make the roofing of your property concrete with our A-grade Downpipes in Liverpool. The Downpipes will well facilitate the roof drainage as well as protect the walls.

We can provide a complete roofline treatment to your property. First of all, our experts will visit your property to inspect the same properly. Then, we will have a round of discussion with you to apprehend your requirements and potential budget. Our technicians take care of the sarking, noggins and tiling before the roof trim products are installed.

All our products are made in the United Kingdom by the finest craftsmen. We make sure the highest standards of our products are always maintained. We can vouch for the quality of our downpipes that will make your roof guttering in Liverpool hardy and long-lasting.

For your projects on guttering, you can rely on us completely for the best quality equipment that we use and the prowess of our technicians. Some of the types of downpipes in Liverpool that we offer to our clients are:

  • Plastic Guttering: This is one of our bestsellers. There are ample styles that we offer to our clients including half-round, OG and square styling. White, Black, Brown, and grey are some of the color options that we provide. The colors that we offer go with most types of windows, fascia, or door trims.

  • Steel Guttering: If you are looking for a type of guttering that is long-lasting, durable, and budget-friendly then steel guttering will be the fittest choice. Whether it is domestic roofing work or commercial guttering, this type will be effective in the long run. We have hand-picked some of the best selections of products for our clients. Galvanized steel guttering, HB Polyester painted guttering are a couple of finishes that we offer to our clients. All of our downpipes in Liverpool are guaranteed, non-corrosive and 100% recyclable.

  • Cast-iron Guttering: Cast iron guttering in Liverpool will be an ideal option if your building has a traditional framework. The extensive range of cast-iron guttering that we provide is half round cast iron guttering, deep style half round guttering and beaded half round.

  • Copper Guttering: Having a stunning natural finish, our copper downpipes are highly effective. The ones that we offer are low maintenance and easy to clean. You also need not worry about peeling or flaking the outer finish as well.

Why choose us as roofer in Liverpool?

  • A myriad of options in downpipes in Liverpool to choose from
  • Environment-friendly equipment
  • Skilled and experienced technicians to cater to your needs
  • Affordable guttering in Liverpool
  • Guaranteed Quality

Fascias & Soffits Liverpool

At T D Contractors we provide Fascia & Soffit services! Get in touch today, and T D Contractors will help you the best we can.

In roofing the fascia is a long straight board fixed along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia supports the bottom row of tiles and carries the guttering.

Soffits are an integral part of the roofing system, and they intend to enclose and protect the underside of the roof edge whilst increasing ventilation to the inner roof to prevent damage to the roof from moist air. Soffits provide a highly effective, well-rounded and long-term solution to regular roofing maintenance.

Our team of professional contractors at T D Contractors can advise and help you find the best soffits for your property.

We also provide down piping and guttering services as well. To find out more, contact us!

Long-lasting Fascias Liverpool

TD Contractors is a recognized and esteemed roofing service provider in the UK. We have a team of seasoned experts who are known among our clients to surpass their expectations every time they trust our services. We work as per the safety guidelines of the local governing bodies and the legislation of the government while installing fascias in Liverpool. 

Fascias are an integral part of the roofing that gives both the edges of style and utility to your property. The soffit boards, on the other hand, are often ventilated to allow a passage to air. We offer you PVC fascias and soffits to our clients. The integral accessories are crafted specially by our finest craftsmen for a seamless design and timeless outlook.

The fascias and soffits in Liverpool that we offer are both BBA and BSI approved. They come with a promise of endurance and complete ease of mind. Every time you choose our roofing services, be assured of the guaranteed outcomes along with a hassle-free experience that our team will ensure you. Regardless of the size of the work, we handle every project with sincerity.

The fascia boards that we offer come in four standard styles which are square, Ogee, Flat and Bullnose. The cap over fascia boards is square. The fascias in Liverpool that we vend are durable and come with a guarantee against warping, twisting or rotting. We have the largest varieties of colour that will make your house look uber-sophisticated.

Each of our fascia boards comes in 5m in length. You will never have to worry about the outcome as the fascias in Liverpool that we vend come in matching trims, sealant and plastic-headed pins. We have a large range of colours to offer to our clients. Some of the popular colour options in the fascias and soffits in Liverpool are: White, Oak, Gray, Rosewood, Black, Slate gray, Green, Blue, Red and Brown.

The Fascias in Liverpool and Soffit that we offer comes with a guarantee. We never negotiate with the professional finish and quality of products used. The items are formulated without mixing the elements of tin and lead. We work in environment-friendly ways at all times so that we do not increase the burden of the carbon footprint on the Earth.

Our crew of professionals remains extra cautious while working on any project. Our fascia boards and soffits are not only easy to install but also they are very convenient to maintain. You just need to go for a periodical cleaning to keep them good as new.

Why choose Fascias and Soffits in Liverpool from TD Contractors?

There are many companies vending fascias and soffits in Liverpool, however, ours is worth accentuating for the below reasons:

  • BBA and BSI approved range
  • A plethora of colours to offer
  • Our PVC cladding, Trims, Fixings and Sealants come in a perfect colour match. Therefore, you will never have to compromise with an incomplete finishing.
  • Guaranteed against Twisting, Warping or Rotting
  • Affordable fascias and soffits in Liverpool
  • Expert technicians to handle the project effectively

Contact us on 0151 3758 895 / 07986 081899 or more details on Soffits and Fascias in Liverpool.

Affordable Roof Repairs in Liverpool

T D Contractors provide top quality roof repairs across Liverpool. We are the number one company in Liverpool for roof repairs and replacements because of how quickly we fix your problem. With great workmanship, we can carry out any roof repair and replacement services for you at an affordable price.

We provide a variety of repair and replacement services for commercial and domestic properties. Whenever you need roof repairs or replacement services carried out, contact our specialist contractors at T D Contractors today!

Our team is the best in the business when it comes to affordable pricing and professionalism.

Durable And Long-Lasting Roof Repairs in Liverpool

TD Contractors is a well-known and esteemed roofing service provider in Liverpool. We boast a team of experienced architects, builders and professionals who are highly skilled to guide you to the right choice. We also upskill our team members to update them so that they can educate the clients when needed.

Roofing is the most important part of retaining the structural integrity of the building. Even if your property has a premium slate roof in Liverpool that tends to last long, you have to go for a roof repair in a while. Apart from the natural process of abrasion, there are several reasons for which you will need to replace your roof:

  • Missing, broken or slipped tiles
  • Crack around the chimney, roof light or Velux windows
  • Water ingress
  • Rising Damp
  • Water retention in the gaps
  • Heavy damage by the falling of trees/branches after a storm
  • Strong winds stripping off the tiles
  • A makeover

Our lightweight and durable roofs are suitable for all kinds and sizes of properties. The tiled roof frame comprising of rafters, ring beam and a ridge that we use are made of high-quality plastic. The tensile strength of our framework is much more than steel and also requires very low maintenance. If you want to go for slate roofs in Liverpool, then we also offer affordable and appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

The plasterboards that we use are waterproof and 100% thermally efficient. They will provide you with full-proof insulation so that you never have to waste a lot of money on energy bills. We have various standard sizes to offer, however, we can also prepare behest options for you. The plasterboards can be cut according to your required size. Our architects make the outer sheets from high-grade plastic also for the external boards. They last longer than the plywood boards as well.

We can make the task of Roof Repairs in Liverpool hassle-free for you. We have a plethora of styles to offer to you also if you are planning for a roof makeover in Liverpool. Whether it is a Victorian, Edwardian, Gable-ended, lean-to or combination style, TD contractors can give you a superlative delivery. We use special engineered tiles which are strong and will not degrade in extreme weather conditions.

We can also provide you with the best quality tiles for repairing your slate Roof in Liverpool. You will never have to worry about colour matching as we source slate tiles in every happening colour combination as well as in the natural finish.

Apart from a roof repair in Liverpool, our professionals can assist you with the most practical waterproofing guide as well. Before starting our work, our team of builders and architects will visit your property to scrutinise your property. We check thoroughly to discover any underlying problems like leaks or dampness in the roof as well. After the rounds of checking, we will chalk out a potential budget for you along with a plan of work.

What are the reasons to choose our slate roofs or roof repairs in Liverpool?

  1. Expert architects to plan according to the structural integrity of your property
  2. Lightweight and low maintenance roof replacements to support any type of property
  3. Easy to clean and maintain
  4. Comes with a guarantee of endurance
  5. Skilled builders to ensure an A-grade delivery
  6. Fastest delivery
  7. Affordable roof replacement in Liverpool
  8. Reduced Energy bills

If you are looking to replace a slate roof in Liverpool, call us on 0151 3785 895 / 07986 081899.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a guarantee of endurance
  • Skilled builders to ensure an A-grade delivery
  • Fastest delivery
  • Affordable roof replacement in Liverpool
  • Reduced Energy bills

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