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Are you working on the move, or working from home or in a huddle space?

If your answer is “Yes” then you need a headset that moves with you.

Even better, get a Bluetooth headset that moves with you.

Poly understands how technology can help or hinder productivity, where- ever you are working from with their vast array of professional headsets, soundbars, etc

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The Poly Studio P Series provides professional audio and visual equipment for your video conferencing requirements.

With the premium camera optics and broadcast-quality visuals from Poly Studio P Series you can be assured that your video conferences will be clear from start to finish.

The Poly Studio P5 Webcam has fine-tuned Poly optics that deliver brilliant colours with incredible clarity, no matter where you work, making this the perfect webcam for all professionals.

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar has outstanding optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing and a noise blocking tech that allows you the freedom to move whilst holding the meeting.

The Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display is ideal for the user who wants the simplicity of one integrated device. The P21 provides a complete video conferencing experience with a single USB connection to your PC or Mac, allowing it to be used with any video app.

The Poly Studio P5 Kits have all that you need to take part in a professional video conference at home or work. Each kit includes a webcam and headset or personal speakerphone that is easy to set up. There are three choices: the P5 Kit with a Blackwire 3210 Headset, the P5 Kit with a Blackwire 3325 Headset and the P5 with the Voyager 4220 BT Headset.


  • Poly Studio P5 Webcam
  • Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar
  • Poly Studio P5 Kits

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