Best Practices for School Outdoor Learning

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At Hilston Park, we’re passionate about school outdoor learning and its transformative power for primary school students. Here are some key practices we believe foster a successful and enriching experience:

  • Alignment with Curriculum: Our outdoor learning in primary schools programs seamlessly integrate with existing curriculum objectives. This ensures a cohesive learning experience that reinforces classroom lessons while offering a fresh perspective.
  • Engaging Activities: Ditch the textbooks! We prioritize hands-on activities like nature scavenger hunts, pond dipping, building shelters, or stargazing. These interactive experiences spark curiosity, encourage exploration, and create lasting memories.
  • Focus on Inquiry-Based Learning: We encourage students to ask questions, make observations, and draw their own conclusions. This fosters critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the natural world.
  • Safety First: At Hilston Park, safety is paramount. We provide trained instructors, age-appropriate activities, and proper safety briefings before venturing outdoors.
  • Connection to Nature: Our goal is to cultivate a love for the environment. Through firsthand experiences, students develop a sense of responsibility for protecting our planet.

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