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Book Cabinet | Desktop Bookshelf | Floating Bookshelf

  • September 28, 2021 12:29 pm
  • London


  • Category: Furniture
  • Furniture Type: Other
  • Condition: New


Inspired Elements provides Book Cabinet unit in new contemporary designs. Choose your favourite storage solution & accessories in new designs. For more information, please contact us at 020 3397 8387

When you enter a room, it’s terrific to see a shelf full of books—introducing our innovative range of built-in bookshelves in the UK designed according to your interests. Our Floating Bookshelf units are the best space for you to put your personality on display. We have personalised built-in bookshelves in the UK, which provides a sense of organisation for books of all shapes and sizes.

Check out our Fitted Oak Home Office collection and get your favourite Fitted Bookcases custom-made to your home office. Our built-in bookshelves are ideal for libraries, offices, living rooms and even your bedrooms. The primary option for bespoke bookshelves in the UK is to provide a wide range of custom made bookshelves and unique bespoke shelving techniques to redefine the regular made to measure bookcase.


  • Our bespoke bookshelves in the UK come with numerous shelves which allow you to arrange your collection in whatever way you want. We have bookshelves units which come in all variants from luxury ones to budget ones which could be customised according to your Industrial Living Rooms. A well-organised room is always incomplete without fitted bookshelves. Bookshelves designs will reflect the homeowner’s personality, where he can display his books in his stylish custom bookshelves.
  • We have 100s of bookshelves designs that could be made customised according to the layout of the space given. How about a full Classic Fitted Library Collection type fitted bookshelves with a ladder. If you are looking to have vast storage, these custom bookshelves could be the most acceptable option for you. Instead of just fitted bookshelves, we can add on a reading table and custom bookshelves, which could help you research or study purposes. If your space is small, we can come with small bookshelves designs that would fit your area. If you wish to know more about the most delicate bookshelves designs in the UK, get in touch with us as we can bring to you the best.

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