Description, it’s an apt title for an online writing agency that has been operating for eight years. We were curious if this catchy title was accompanied by professional, high quality products or services. Potential customers might also wonder. This is why we decided to assess this service using the same criteria that we use in all our writing service reviews. We reviewed the company’s website, looking for information about its promises and offerings. We also looked at Book Worm Lab reviews that were posted on the site. Finally we searched the Internet to find BookWormLab comments, feedback, and BookWormLab reviews. Finally, a research paper was ordered to help us evaluate the quality of the service.  

The Quality of the Services

Bookworm Lab’s website content clearly demonstrates that it focuses on academic-writing products and services. These services are available for high school students as well as graduate students who are working on dissertations and theses.

Quality is determined by several factors. The website’s writing style, any samples of writing provided, customer testimonials, feedback from customers and comments that customers have left elsewhere on the Internet are all important. The quality of the paper ordered and the experience we had during the process are the final factors. Here is an overview of quality:

  • These testimonials on-site are extremely positive about the products they received.
  • Feedback and student reviews from Book Worm Lab off-site are mixed. Some customers felt that the writing quality was below their academic standards, and that the available resources were too “elementary”. Others said that there were glaring grammar mistakes that they had to correct.
  • Our experiences were mixed. We were unable to find the right articles and asked for reliable journal articles. However, one article came from The Inquirer. It is a gossip publication of low quality. American professors or instructors would never accept it.

Customer Support Agents & Writers

We were unable to find any information on the qualifications or employment process for the company’s writers. They are only highly qualified, according to the site. We decided to take a look at the “samples” on the website to get a better understanding of the writer’s expertise and overall composition. Many of the samples were just more company advertising. One sample was a Wells Fargo Case Study, which we had seen on other websites. It only took us 5 paragraphs to read. Sometimes, case studies can be 20+ pages long.

Although there is a blog available on the site, the last entry was made in the fall 2013.

Phone calls and chats are answered by customer service agents. This is especially true during the order and payment process. However, when asked for specific information about writers or pieces of writing, they are unable to respond. We were told to fill out the order form, and we would discuss this with our writer later.

Also, we should mention that BBB Membership or Rating was not available to us.

Price and Discount

BookWormLab’s prices are very high. offers no discounts. We did however notice that there was a field for BookWormLab coupons when we ordered our research paper. We reached out to customer service and inquired about a new customer discount. BookWormLab coupons were available for customers who asked. The one we were provided with brought our 8-page essay, which had a deadline of 7 days, down from $241.60 and $194.40. However, the price is too high for this industry.

PayPal (recommended) and debit/credit cards are accepted for payment. BookWormLab can be assured of its safety by using appropriate security.

Additional Benefits and Freebies

We could not find free pages, or any special benefits. Other than confidential service and free revisions, we were able to locate no free pages. This was disappointing, considering the cost.

Do We Recommend this Company?

Quality writing is not perfect. Customers may have to ask for revisions. The Price is very high. Overall, rates the product “Fair.” This means that students will get better quality and cheaper pricing elsewhere. 



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