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The Canon RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM is a uniquely versatile zoom characterized by its broad range, constant f/4 maximum aperture, and advanced optical design. Gaining a bit on the wide end, this zoom offers a broader field of view to suit landscape, nature, and architectural applications, and its modest maximum aperture also contributes to a sleek, highly portable design for walkaround shooting. A trio of unique coatings has also been applied to suppress flare and ghosting throughout the zoom range. The L-series designation is also indicative of a robust physical design, and this 14-35mm is weather-sealed and features a fluorine coating on the exposed elements for further protection against trying weather conditions. Additionally, there is also an apt Nano USM that yields fast and quiet autofocus performance and there is a minimum focusing distance of just 7.9″ throughout the entire zoom range for creative wide-angle close-up shooting. Buy Camera Lens in UK at GadgetWard.

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