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Buy Heavy Duty Pallets – Beecraft

  • November 22, 2022 9:34 am
  • London
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At Beecraft UK Ltd., Our plastic crates offer high dimensional stability with varying loads ranging from light to medium to heavy. Our plastic crates are waterproof. They can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions and temperatures ranging from sub-freezing to high temperatures up to 85℃, making them ideal for food, pharmaceutical, automated storage, and/or outdoor storage. They are moisture resistant and therefore ideal for storing and transporting products that need to be kept dry, such as chocolate, coffee, paper products, pharmaceuticals, wood products minerals, cement, spices, grains, and dry minerals. We also provide technical support and assistance, knowledge, technology, and experience. We support the development, production, and on-time delivery of bulk plastic pallets, Heavy duty pallets, Plastic crates, and containers that set industry standards in form, quality, and function.

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