Can ordinary people buy handmade mattresses that have been on the hot seat recently?






Recently everyone should know, handmade mattress this thing, fire.


As a wild mattress review little expert + injustice spending pioneer, I have previously given everyone a variety of cheap expensive mattress, but a mattress of several million, apparently completely pierced our perception of the price system of the product mattress. A mattress top a suite, you the mattress is made of gold?


Before, may share with you the mattress ceiling, almost Simmons big name beautyrest, a brand name into the pinnacle of the type of product exists, but up to a hundred thousand, can also have a top of Simmons. So this up to seven figures of mattress, sure it is not an IQ tax?


Familiar with my previous sharing friends should have the impression that, for not bad money only want to upgrade the class of the tycoon users, once recommended the Hasten family mattress – yes, this Hasten, is the million mattress event parties, the basic model more than 200,000 to start, the flagship model can be sold to more than 2 million mattress industry leader, handmade mattress The field of the leader.


So, today we will open a new field of knowledge, and share with you well in the end the highest peak of the mattress field, both luxury and technology in one hand-made custom mattress, focus on talking about.


The typical brand and characteristics of handmade mattresses


Handmade mattress in the experience in the end what is the enhancement?


As an ordinary person, is it possible to get a handmade mattress?


Of course, because the field of handmade mattresses is too complex, esoteric and luxurious, and there are a large number of invisible champions who may only serve the royal family, the rich or specific people, so my sharing can only be said to be the tip of the iceberg, not comprehensive and not in-depth.


But on the other hand, in addition to the rise of knowledge, the rise of the Internet e-commerce model and the continuous optimization of the supply chain, even in a relatively affordable range to try some mattresses with handmade custom elements, is also a blessing. If you feel good to speak, but also more praise collection support.


Revisit what is the industrial mattress


Before introducing handmade mattresses, we still have to talk about the more familiar industrial mattresses, that is, most brands of mass-produced mattresses. How to say it, or start from the mattress layering technology.


The so-called comfortable mattress, most from top to bottom must be divided into several layers – fabric layer, filling layer, support layer. From left to right, there is a simple one-layer type large brown pad, there is a mature three-layer type mattress, and the far right is the top handmade mattress. And various manufacturers do, but also with a variety of classic materials to arrange the combination, the formation of the final overall mattress and sleep the texture.


Likewise, you learn and have been chasing my article friends compared to understand, several levels of characteristics and the main filler.


The fabric layer, also called quilting layer, and the main force of human skin, is also the main source of mattress fit and comfort. Generally speaking, the mature mattress brand will be through the fabric with light filling, so that you feel close and comfortable


Filling layer, the most fancy and fancy little cherry is here, a variety of cool inventions are mainly concentrated in this layer. Here directly invoke the core content of my previous 10,000 words mattress, the mainstream materials are here

The last is the bottom support layer, basically a player – spring. Spring manufacturers have also come out of two technical routes, independent pocket spring to a spring independent packaging, according to the posture by a spring to adapt to the pressure; the overall spring to the spring in series, load-bearing while transferring the force


You know, three layers of distribution is a lot of mattress manufacturers for decades of business down to sum up the industry paradigm, and in production costs and experience can achieve a better balance, so the major manufacturers to learn from.


The main qualities of handmade mattress

Handmade mattress, as the name implies, is a hand-customized and built mattress.


I know you will lament listening to the gentleman, but it is true. The greatest value of handmade mattresses is the scarcity of craftsmanship and a certain degree of experience added. Because of the ultimate pursuit of the process itself and the cost end of the generous space, handmade mattress can break the industrial production of various optimal price/performance restrictions, to bring the ultimate experience effect. As for a superb handmade mattress how complicated, let us use this big S incident parties Heston to make a sample.


This is a from the official website, the official disassembly of the Heston Herlewing mattress, priced at a minimum of 12,000 pounds to start, but corresponds to the 90cm wide single crib, basically the normal 1.8m bed are more than 20,000 U.S. dollars – and this is not counting his high-end models, not even handmade, you Say it is not luxurious?


Although the price is very luxurious, but look at the configuration is really not ordinary, up the first sentence directly to many of the high-end brands claiming 10 layers, 20 layers daunted, “we provide 38 layers of rich material configuration”, I have to say that if the Europeans are more thieves, plus two layers of fabric directly pulled to 40 layers, that is not the effect of communication karate?


Another aspect, in addition to the 38 layers of exaggerated content composition, people Hasten also said, our design, production are completed in Europe, while the overall in addition to the supply of some finished products (such as springs), are completed and combined by experienced mattress production masters by hand, including the combing of fabrics, filling the fit and even the details of the deployment, so a bed production cycle is the ordinary mattress 10 times, translation – people are expensive, you have to wait.


Of course, after paying the price for labor, you can really achieve the so-called custom comprehensive choice, mattress specifications, top fabric, overall weave surface, base, softness, legs, can be your choice, up to almost thousands of free combinations, but also really worthy of the world’s first custom brand name.


So, to sum up is that, Heston as the representative of the sky mattress brand, in addition to its own brand premium, mainly expensive in two places: first, the material is really high-end and vigorous, the second is the cost of labor compared to mechanical production on a lot higher.


So, in the end, what is the magic of this 38-layer composition? Experience and how different from the ordinary mattress? Come on, let’s continue to talk.

To sum up


I hope this spilled five thousand words, can be more interesting to and everyone after the science of what is handmade custom mattress, two million mattresses in the end where the expensive, and 20,000 yuan but also can get a pure process, solid materials handmade mattress.


Because the output of almost several 10,000 words said mattress series, many friends will leave a message asking, thousands or even tens of thousands of mattresses so expensive, why do we have to spend so much money? At the end of the article, I want to put aside the craft, aesthetics, design sense and even scarcity of these concepts of the business world, to talk about the most essential things.


We live in this world more than 30,000 days, almost 10,000 days will be spent in a soft, warm bed. We may be alone in this bed, two people cuddling, perhaps fall into a sweet dream, but also inevitably in hundreds of nights tossing and turning. So if you ask me, a good mattress, may be the most cost-effective investment.


I wish you all a good dream in your favorite mattress, click here to contact us.



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