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We are the authorized horse cremation company based in the UK. We offer a comprehensive range of individual horse cremation, donkey funerals & other pet cremation. All of our horses are treated individually and with respect. The death or sickness of a pony or horse is a disturbing and horrible experience for everyone involved, and we expect to assist you with managing down to earth issues at a close to home time. We give both an out of hours assist line and a crisis with getting down on help including ends of the week and bank occasions. If you wish we can manage your Veterinary Surgeon to arrange every one of the subtleties. We can likewise be available when your veterinary specialist shows up to settle your pony. This will assist with diminishing the uneasiness and stress you will feel. Get in touch with us for horse cremation in the UK. We would be happy to hear from you or connect with you at any time.

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