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Locker Shop offers a diverse range of storage lockers for various needs. From workplace settings to educational institutions, these lockers are designed to provide secure and accessible storage spaces. The collection showcased on the website includes lockers in different sizes, materials, and configurations, catering to the diverse requirements of customers. Whether it’s for storing personal belongings, electronic devices, or important documents, the storage lockers featured on this platform prioritize durability, security, and functionality

Delivery Terms

– All Probe Lockers come with free delivery in the UK mainland

– Redelivery may incur charges.

– Chargeable delivery to Ireland


How to Order:

Go to our website, where an array of Probe lockers awaits your exploration. Choose the perfect solution that aligns with your needs, and effortlessly place your order. At Locker Shop, it’s more than just purchasing just a locker; it’s an investment in quality and convenience.


Why Choose Locker Shop

– Manufactured in the UK since 1960.

– Utilizes the best product design and highest-quality materials.

– Wide range of lock options to choose from.

– Comprehensive selection of locker accessories for customization

– Locker Shop provides competitively priced products.

– Robust locking mechanisms for security purpose.


Don’t wait, Just check with Locker Shop’s unparalleled expertise, diverse product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Just buy lockers; invest in quality, convenience, and a seamless experience. Explore our collection now and make the smart choice for lasting storage solutions.

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