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Hand-Forged Blades to the Highest Standards of Esthetic and Functionality

  • June 15, 2024 7:34 am
  • London



We offer a range of battle axes, woodcutting axes, bearded axes, and throwing axes. All our axes feature hand-forged carbon steel heads with keen, razor-sharp edges. The heads are attached to shaped hickory handles with wooden wedges for a tight, shock-absorbing grip.

Also to accurate axes, we offer customization options. You can choose the style of axe head from different patterns, the length of the handle, leather handle wraps, and engraving designs. This allows you to create a personalized Viking axe suited to your preferences.

At BladesCave, we pride ourselves on crafting accurate Viking axes of the highest quality. Our master smiths use traditional techniques and premium materials to create axes worthy of a Viking warrior.

A Viking axe is an iconic weapon for battle or splitting light firewood. The axe features a curved tip on the blade. The curved feature is ideal for shielding or hooking an opponent’s arm during a battle. Contrary to a traditional axe mainly forged to split firewood and fallen trees, a Viking axe is lighter, curved, and doubles up as a weapon. Therefore if you are looking for a versatile weapon that offers more than what a traditional axe offers

Welcome toBladesCave, where the artistry of ancient craftsmanship meets modern precision. We are passionate purveyors of fine axes, swords, and chef sets, dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tools for your adventures in the wilderness or culinary escapades.

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