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Here’s How You Can Avoid Some Expensive Car Repairs Just by Having Routine Car Maintenance.

  • November 29, 2022 8:37 am
  • Bath



Most seasoned owners know the importance of having car maintenance done on time. However, a novice should update himself about the consequences of procrastinating or even neglecting such essential maintenance. Because if you delay it for any reason, there will be a hefty repair bill you have to pay later on.

Most drivers find car maintenance to be a simple task that helps them avoid many serious damages. A basic maintenance procedure includes checking your vehicle’s tyre pressure, changing the oil, and checking other engine fluids. If some of these maintenance procedures give you pause, you can approach a professional for better service. But it is essential that you perform routine maintenance promptly.

However, you should be aware of the risks of not considering the maintenance of your car a priority.

What could be the potential risks of neglecting the car’s maintenance?

As stated above, failure to be on schedule to carry out regular maintenance is not good for a vehicle’s health and a number of severe issues may arise in the future.

Certain mechanical failures can occur that will leave a great expense to fix without proper vehicle maintenance.

Here’s a list of expensive issues that would be a potential threat to your car in the future.

Vehicles may experience engine cylinder damage sooner than normal

Since the engine cylinder is a critical component under the hood. Poor car maintenance allows premature wear and tear of such a critical component. The primary reason would be a lack of lubrication and excess friction at inside walls.

However, prolonged use without lubrication raises the cylinder’s temperature and makes it more susceptible to damage.

Contrarily, cylinder failure happens when the right proportion of fuel, air, and sparks isn’t present, causing the cylinder to overheat and eventually fail. These are indicators of careless vehicle maintenance.

A cylinder replacement is quite an expensive repair and requires expertise. Service My car has a pool of expert mechanics for such complex repairs. Here, you just need to visit the nearest workshop as soon as possible.

Your engine’s camshaft may go bad

Considering that the camshaft regulates fuel intake and exhaust output, if you don’t change your oil frequently and don’t clean your valves, there are a lot of chances that dirt and grime will build up. And your camshaft may break down eventually.

Keeping in mind the camshaft’s purpose, this could wreak havoc. The engine of a car may suffer severe harm as a result of the camshaft failing. Pistons, valves, and other parts are highly prone to damage.

However, you won’t go through such problems unless you neglect routine maintenance on your car. Otherwise, an engine overhaul could only bail you out.

Get your car engine repair by an expert at Service My Car.

You might need a whole transmission replacement

Just like the engine, the transmission system is also at risk due to a lack of regular maintenance. If there is not a fully functioning transmission, it is hard to move for your car as it should.

Besides, it poses a serious threat if any transmission problem occurs at the time of driving. However, automatic transmissions need more care than their manual counterparts. As automatic transmission needs a proper fluid level and an intact torque converter to determine proper gears, you cannot afford even the tiniest of problems.

Though, manufactures issue guidance for regular maintenance, however, it is up to you to keep up to it and avoid any emergence of severe problem that might end up costly car transmission repair.

However, you might get your vehicle serviced at a nearest workshop of Service MY Car.

Premature head gasket damage and worn spark plugs 

The cylinder head gasket has its own responsibility to keep your car’s engine working properly.

However, it might get damaged when there is a lack of maintenance, especially when there is a high temperature. Constant heating might have an adverse impact on the head gasket.

Once the head gasket sustains damage, there are instances of leakage into the combustion chamber.

What does that leak? It could be coolant or engine oil, etc. However, anything that leaks into the combustion chamber is hazardous.

However, these things do not sound good, and it is better to avoid them happening. If there is any need for head gasket replacement, you can take services of an expert at Service My Car.

Without routine maintenance, there are many potential issues that could arise, as you can see, and the consequences could be very costly. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you perform maintenance tasks right away to avoid having to pay out hefty amount.

However, you need someone that can provide quality service without being overly rated and expensive. Service My Car provides thorough service at incredibly affordable rates. It’s just a valuable investment that never goes in vain when your car serves you better than your expectations.

Just book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

If you need any type of auto service or repair, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest auto service center dubai.

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