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The dining table is a central element of your living room, allowing you to gather family and friends for convivial moments. We therefore present the different table models and their dimensions with their advantages and disadvantages. We then give you our best advice to choose the best table according to your needs and uses.

The different table models

The different shapes of tables

First, of course, we think of the form. The dining table comes in rectangular or even square table models but also in more organic shapes with round or oval tables.

Regardless of the shape, the table can sometimes have a hidden extension that allows the table to be enlarged if the number of guests increases. We then speak of an extendable table.

Materials for a dining table

Dining tables are available in various materials: let your taste speak for itself! Whether it’s a wooden dining table or a marble dining table, you can choose to match this piece of furniture to the rest of the living room, or, on the contrary, make it a strong piece that stands out: why not try a dining table? designer dining in the middle of a rustic living room; Or an industrial dining table in a traditional living room?

For more originality, you can also vary the number of legs of your dining table : Scandinavian dining table with its 4 characteristic legs; stone table with single leg… anything is possible!

For better longevity, choose a solid wood table. It will probably be more expensive but will serve you well for many years.

What dimensions for your table?

A table is one of the most modular objects on the market in terms of size. There are very small dining tables to put in a small kitchen for example up to gigantic party tables. Which one to choose? Here are the questions to ask yourself.

How big is your room?

The dining table is an imposing piece of furniture, the centerpiece of your living room. Also take care that it is well proportioned to the surface of the latter: a table that is too large in relation to the surface of the room gives the impression of a cramped space, and will be not very functional… Conversely, a too small dining table in a huge space can quickly seem ridiculous!

How many people do you accommodate?

To determine the length of your dining table, we advise you to define the number of people you want to be able to bring together: for optimal comfort, count 60 cm of table length per guest. For a 4-person dining table with a rectangular table, 120 cm in length will suffice. A round dining table with a diameter of 80 cm is suitable for a 6-person dining table. For ideal comfort at 6 and over, then take anything above these measurements.

What height?

Finally, regarding the height of the dining table, do not panic: it is generally standardized around 75 cm. Below, you will not be able to cross your legs for example. You will find refined and comfortable dining table chairs on Homary website!

What comfort is expected?

In terms of width, it all depends on the comfort and desired rendering. To be able to place dishes, carafes and decorations between the cutlery, we recommend a minimum width of 90 cm. You can grow up to 100 or even 120 cm in width if you want to entertain without your table seeming overloaded. And to invite many guests without cluttering up a small space on a daily basis, opt for an extendable dining table that adapts to the circumstances!

How to choose your dining table?

To choose your dining table, we advise you to take into account the use you are going to make of it, the size of your living room and the exact place where your table is to be placed.

The use you want to make of it

Before you start looking for a new dining table, think about it: will you be using this table for everyday use, or only for special occasions like a big summer party where you need to set a wonderful summer table? If you eat your everyday meals in your dining room, how many people usually sit around? Assess your practical needs as well as possible.

The dimensions of your living room

It is generally considered that it is necessary to keep at least 70 cm available all around a dining table. Starting from the surface available and the furniture already in place, you can estimate the desirable dimensions for your new table. To visualize the space your table will occupy, you can use floor marking tape.

Where you want to place your table

Finally, it remains to know where you want to place your table. In the center of your living room? You can then choose to opt for a large oval dining table! Against a wall, or in a corner of the room, to save space? Then favor square shapes or rectangular tables rather than round ones. You can also consider acquiring a large garden table if your exterior lends itself to it or rather opt for a smaller bistro table if space is limited.

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