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Immersive Theater: My Experience

  • July 3, 2022 9:38 pm
  • York



I love theater as it is the best way to get closer to the actors and feel the excitement of the show. Unlike films, actors have to be on stage all the time in the theater. Imagine how difficult it is to remember all the lines. But not so long ago, I found out about immersive theater. In general, this is something between an ordinary theater and a show where the audience also participates. 


Plus, you can be closer to the actors and sets. Imagine that you are sitting in a cafe enjoying the coffee aroma. Perhaps you want a cup of espresso? Or do you want to turn on the music box on the table? Such activities are not prohibited in progressive theaters. 


Moreover, each spectator can participate in the play and take the stage. In a way, the border between actors and ordinary people disappears in immersive theaters. It came as a real surprise to me. 


Thanks to an article on the net, I learned that such theaters are located in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Therefore, I may visit 5-6 theaters on my next vacation. The thing is, I like the innovative concept of the immersive show. Moreover, I even want to participate in any play as an actor.

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