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Insects Killer Lamp for Bugs, Flies, Insects, Wasps Mosquito




About this item

  • 20W INSECT KILLER: This NETTA Insect Killer/Bug Zapper is the ideal addition in your home during the summer months. Easily get rid of those pesky flies, mosquitoes and bugs by letting them be attracted to our bright UV light before eliminating them.
  • POWERFUL: Two 10W UV tubes combined with the 365nm UV spectrum provides efficient and effective killing of bugs and insects.
  • EASY TO USE: This product features a removable collection tray for easy cleaning and also has removable barrier protection. The UV bulbs are extremely easy to change.
  • SAFE TO USE: This product features a safety cut-off system which will turn the system off if there is a problem, meaning you can relax whilst using. It has been safety checked to ensure that a stable current runs throughout.
  • DIMENSIONS: 37.5cm x 9.2cm x 26.5cm | WEIGHT: 1.8kg.
Dimensions: 26.5cm x 92cm x 37.5cm | Weight :1.8kg

This NETTA 20W UV Insect Killer Light is produced with high-quality materials to ensure that you are satisfied with your product.

With no maintenance needed, you can let this powerful machine do the talking. When the insect tray is full, simply pull the tray out, empty, wash and repeat!

From mosquito’s to flies, flies to gnats, gnats to midges, this powerful Bug Killer will fulfil all of your zapping needs.


2 Ultra-Violet 10W Tubes

The two ultra-violet light tubes are ideal for attracting flies, mosquitoes and other insects.


UV Spectrum 365nm

The 365nm UV spectrum provide effective killing of bugs and pests.


Easy Clean Removable Tray

Underneath there is a plastic collection tray which can be removed as and when you need to clean it out. Simply slide it out dispose of the insects and clean it with warm soapy water. Allow to dry fully before replacing it back in the unit


Aluminium Case & ABS Sides

This Insect Zapper is constructed from strong and high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting product.


Removable Barrier Protection

The barrier protection can be removed if desired for cleaning and maintenance.


Safe To Use Bulb – Easy Change

The UV bulbs are very easy to change. They pop in and out of their sockets just like a battery.


Safety Cut-Off Switch

Safety matters , with our built in safety cut-off protection system function , you can use this product with no concerns , we have you covered.


  • Stable Current Circuit

This product has been safety checked to ensure that a stable current runs through the device.


  • No Need For Insect Repellent Spray When You Have The NETTA UV Insect Killer
  • The Ultra-Violet Lights Target The Insect Fast For A Quick Result
  • Say NO To Insects Taking Over Your Summer This Year. We Have You Covered

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  • 2 X Ultra-Violet 10W Tubes
  • UV Spectrum 365nm
  • Easy Clean Removable Tray
  • Detachable Chain For Hanging
  • Removable Barrier Protection
  • Safety Cut-Off Switch
  • Aluminium Case With ABS Sides
  • Safety Bulb - Easy Change

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