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Intel – CORE i7 8700K LIKE FOE SALE




not available anymore

Product Description

CPU Intel Core i7 8700K s1151 3.70 GHz. Mounting instructions from the manufacturer: First, a lever must be opened on the CPU socket of the mainboard. This locks the CPU if it is inserted correctly. Then the processor must be used carefully and without pressure. Simply press the CPU with the pins over the CPU socket and “drop” the CPU. The CPU can only be mounted in one direction. To ensure this, a corner of the pins on the CPU was marked with a “triangle”. This tag is also on the CPU, so these two tags must be on top of each other. The manufacturer likes to repeat it before the CPU gets damaged: No force when installing the CPU. If the pins are bent, the correct functioning of the CPU is no longer guaranteed. The CPU must be able to push itself into the socket without pressure. If the pins are no longer visible on the mainboard from the outside, the lever of the CPU socket can be closed again.

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