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We are unique to other repair services locally as we keep overheads down without an expensive shop and we offer our services on a call out basis using purpose built vans with offices inside. Andre’s Apple Repairs comes to you whilst we are with you, using the highest standard of replacement parts that come with a 12 month guarantee.
Call Out Service
Andre’s Apple Repairs first option if you are within their catchment area is a call out service. They do not require you to back up your iPhone, dig out your passwords or remember to do anything before they arrive. Just hand them your beloved iPhone and they will have it looking as good as new in no time.

Glass Screen & LCD Replacement

We only use screens that we would be happy to have in our own iPhones or iPads.

For all models that have an OLED screen as standard, we will also fit an OLED screen.

Battery Replacement

Most iPhone batteries tend to only last around 2 years and a little longer for iPads.

Often they lose charge quickly or turn off early when they need replacing.

All our batteries come with a 12 month warranty.

Charging Port Replacement

Charging ports are a very common repair. Usually they are just dirty and need cleaning out.

If you have tried this and it is still not charging we can replace this too.

Using an older model iPhone? Not to worry as we fix iPhones from the iPhone 4/4S all the way up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Offering an incredible repair service for all iPhones up to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Use the repair quote button above to view our pricing and full range of services:

Fully Trained, DBS Checked & Insured.

12 Month Warranty.

15% Discount If Two Or More Devices Are Repaired At The Same Time.

We currently work with schools and businesses in and around Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole.

Why Choose Andre’s Apple Repairs Service In Bournemouth?

Using an iPhone & iPad repair specialist in the Bournemouth area when you have issues with your iPhone or iPad is a great alternative to needing to replacing your whole device.

At Andre’s Apple Repairs we believe in delivering a quality, convenient low cost service to our clients.

Our aim is to have your iPhone or iPad back in working order quickly using only quality parts so you can get on with your activities and work without any hassle.

Most repairs takes less than 30 minutes to carry out inside one of our purpose built vans.

At Andre’s Apple Repairs you always get a 12 month warranty.

A 12 month warranty on all our replacement parts and labour regardless of the age of your iPhone.

Apple state that issues caused by accidental damage aren’t covered under the Apple Limited Warranty and are subject to a repair fee.

Unless you bought Apple care (costing between £89 and £199 depending on which iPhone model you have) you will have to pay their ‘out of warranty’ repair costs. Apple’s out of warranty repair screen costs start from £132.44 (depending on the iPhone model you have).


At Andre’s Apple Repairs our screen repair prices start from £35 (depending on your iPhone model)

Just like Apple, Andre’s Apple repairs offer two repair options with two significant differences, the price and convenience.

Apple’s first option is to go to an Apple Authorised repairer or Apple direct. This is subject to appointment times. At the point of writing this article (on a Sunday morning) Apple direct could not fit me in for two days and the Apple authorised repairer could not see me until next Sunday. Not only do you have to wait for an available appointment, you have to go to the store and wait around for a few hours to have your iPhone repaired. Apple state that before you come in, you need to do the following.

Back up your data
Please be sure to back up the data on your iPhone — either on your computer or using iCloud.

To service your iOS device, Find My iPhone will need to be temporarily turned off. In order to turn off Find My iPhone, you must know your Apple ID and Password. If you are unable to turn off Find My iPhone, Apple cannot provide support services.

This isn’t an article to put Apple services to shame.

We are avid Apple supporters who loves their products and services. That is why we have put my own name along side theirs. We would like to educate you on how we can help you with your beloved iPhone by giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision, most third party repair companies do not want you to know the information we are about to give you.

Let’s start with warranty. Apple give you a 12 month warranty when you purchase your iPhone. When you have your iPhone repaired by Apple, they guarantee their service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple warranty or AppleCare plan coverage, whichever is longer.

This means the warranty you would get from Apple’s repair is between 90 days and 12 months. You would only get 12 months warranty if you for example broke your screen the same day you bought your iPhone from Apple and happened to get it repaired the very same day by Apple.


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