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  • September 28, 2021 12:13 pm
  • London


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Inspired Elements specialise in visualising, designing and manufacturing Loft Wardrobe to suit your angle and slope dimensions with our custom building ideas. For more information, please call us at 020 3397 8387

Don’t leave your loft sitting untouched! Inspired Elements introduces a broad-gauge collection of Fitted Wardrobes for Lofts. Now convert your loft spaces into a functional loft wardrobe with bespoke designs and storage. With Inspired Elements, our customers endeavour to create a personalised eaves storage for themselves. And our comprehensive team of interior designers and manufacturers carry expertise in renovating and creating wardrobe storage designs and Bespoke Furniture in the UK.


  • No matter the shape and size of your loft interior, our team will provide a suitable design for your space. Likewise, we create fitted furniture complimenting your loft wardrobes. Get your custom-built eaves storage at Inspired Elements in your favourite finish, colours, themes, etc. We also furnish elegant walk-in lofts fitted with personalised drawers, rails, and racks. Order your fitted loft wardrobes with our team and book a free design visit to seal the deal today!
  • Our artisans manufacture made-to-order cabinets for your loft in the given timeframe, along with on-demand accessories befitting it. Look for your favourite eaves storage solution, and book your free design visit today! Go to our Awkward Space Solutions section and check out our new designs to convert your alcoves, under stairs, etc. into a functional space bespoke to you! Inspired Elements’ Loft wardrobes are made to order to suit your angle and slope dimensions. Our loft storage solutions and loft room wardrobes integrated into the design allowing you to get the most out of your home. Our wardrobe for an attic bedroom is entirely bespoke, making them ideal for awkwardly shaped attic room spaces. We work with utmost care to bring your idea of a loft conversion fitted wardrobes into reality. Visit our London showroom for more loft wardrobes and loft storage ideas.
  • We convert your loft space into any wardrobe design you want. Our customers’ loft storage ideas mostly include a bespoke walk-in loft wardrobe. We furnish custom-built loft wardrobes fitted to your storage space. With the inclusion of an angled or sloped ceiling, we provide custom-built furniture and wardrobes as Bespoke Ceilings Solution based on your loft area and measurements. All that and more is possible with Inspired Elements. Our design consultants create loft storage according to your lifestyle and family size.

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