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Power up Your Business with a Smart PBX System




KingAsterisk Technologies offers the state-of-the-art PBX system which is designed to enhance call center operations, streamline call routing, and boost agent performance. This is ultimately leading for improving customer satisfaction.

“See How It Works!” :

Advanced Call Routing ensures the calls reach
Enhanced Agent Performance improves agent productivity.
Scalable Solutions will scale with your needs.
Comprehensive Reporting can Gain insights into call metrics
Cost-Effective reduce the operational costs
Reliable Support dedicated the support team 24/7

Please Note :

We offer fully customizable dialer software on the client-server. We can tweak the dialer to meet our client’s needs for functionality, reporting, and a custom GUI.

We do not trade in VoIP routes, DID, servers, or any other gear, and we do not offer rent-based dialers.

Our dialer has no restrictions on the number of Agents. It also relies on your hardware. If you have up to 100 agents, we may provide cluster solutions for you.

Elevate the business communications and customer service with KingAsterisk Technologies’ Smart PBX System.

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Call: +91 968 773 3355

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