Best WebCam For Broadcaster Zoom Meeting Video Calls with Ring Lighting-Razer Kiyo




Razer Kiyo

Designed and tested by top streamers, the Razer Kiyo is a desktop streaming camera with a powerful, multi-step ring light that you can dim or brighten on command, and the ability to stream at 60 fps for full gaming fidelity. It’s the perfect camera for professional streaming.

Broadcasting Camera With an Inbuilt Ringlight

The Razer Kiyo is not just another desktop camera. It is the product of endless thought put into building the perfect broadcast studio. And by assessing the needs of gamers worldwide, we’ve crafted a device that streams at incredible quality while ensuring you’re always perfectly lit.

Gear Up

Complete the Broadcaster setup with a microphone, webcam and headset from Razer for the ultimate streaming experience.

  • The Razer kiyo maintains even and flattering lighting and eliminates harsh shadows with a multi-step ring light with adjustable lighting levels
  • With 1080P resolution at 30 fps the Razer kiyo maintains visual fidelity during streaming
  • The Razer kiyo supports streaming on popular platforms like open Broadcaster software and XSplit
  • Fast and accurate autofocus for seamlessly sharp footage
  • The Razer kiyo is easy to pack and take along when travelling or heading to a gaming convention

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