Renoir, Csontvary, Munkacsy paintings for sale



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Renoir, Csontvary, Munkacsy paintings for sale

Original title: Falusi bírónál (Translation: At the village judge) – Painting by Mihaly Munkacsy (Hungarian)
Size: 58.5 x 40.5 cm
Material: Oil painting

Original title: Tenger hajókkal (Translation: Sea with cruise ship) – Painting by Tivadar Csontvary-Kosztka (Hungarian)
Size: 137 x 87 cm
Material: “Napút” (Technique developed by painter)

Virágcsendélet (Flower-piece) – Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French)
Size: 65 x 46
Material: Oil painting

Csendélet virágok (Still life flowers – sketch) – Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French)
Size: 55 x 46 cm
Material: Oil painting

All paintings supported with scientific analysis regarding authenticity (around 20 pages for each painting), provided by Zsofia Vegvari’ laboratory. More information at
Last three also include art valuation.
All paintings are currently placed in Budapest, and all documentation is written in Hungarian.
Paintings may be viewed upon prior agreement, together with personal specialist if preferred. Negotiation on price(s) available on viewing.
“Scientific analysis adds value to artworks”
Yann Walther, chief of Switzerland’s Fine Art Expert Institute (FAEI)
Zsofia Vegvari, head of the Complex Painting Examination Laboratory has been dealing with the scientific examination of paintings since 2005, with the aid of an instrument park providing state of the art analyses and results. The technical equipment of the laboratory is extraordinary both in Hungary and in Central Europe.
Excluding all speculations, subjective opinions and statements, we provide our customers with complex results supported by measurement data of our professional instruments and physical and chemical analyses, which – by the means of its universal language – become an internationally interpretable and unquestionable documentation of the examined painting.
According to the National Board Against Counterfeiting, of the annual 50-150 thousand works of art circulating on the Hungarian market, 10-30 percent might be forged – however, in our experience unfortunately this number is much higher. As an independent laboratory – not representing interests of galleries, experts or museums – we fight against forgeries and work on ensuring that Hungarian art collectors are able to expand their collections with real treasures. Thanks to their honourable trust we have processed many interesting cases in the last fifteen years, which you can read more about on

Total price: 50.000.000,00,- GBP (fifty million British pounds)

More information, appointment:

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