Swimming pool servicing and maintenance in West Yorkshire



If you’re looking for a company that can handle all of your swimming pool needs, look no further than Executive Leisure and Pool Services. We specialize in swimming pool refurbishment, servicing and maintenance in West Yorkshire. Our services include swimming pool LED underwater lights, Par 56 replacement lamps, DIY swimming pool kits, pool filters, pumps & heaters, outdoor heat pumps, and much more. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a beautiful and functional pool that you’ll love.


  • swimming pool refurbishment in west yorkshire, Swimming pool LED underwater lights, Par 56 replacement lamps, DIY swimming pool kits – Concrete or liner type, Pool filters, pumps & heaters, Outdoor heat pumps, Pool pump clever inverters, Swimming pool liners, Swim pool maintenance equipment, Flowbrite LED inlet pool underwater light, Swimming pool indoor dehumidification, Variheat/Heatstar air heating handling units,
  • Swimming pool manual and auto cover systems, Timber outdoor pools, Endless pool Fastlane units, Swimming pool pipe & pipe fittings & valves, Walu swimming pool safety cover,
  • Coverstar and Roldeck swimming pool covers, Swimming pool enclosures, Steam room generators, Sauna stoves & accessories, Pacelite pool finish, Endless Pools, Swimming pool refurbishment, servicing & maintenance

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