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  • September 28, 2021 12:33 pm
  • London


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Inspired Elements bring you the most in-demand fitted Hinged Wardrobe Doors in London. Call us today to design & manufacture your custom-built wardrobe doors. For more information, please contact us at 020 3397 8387

Are you looking for a way to redesign your interior your way? Now make your interior sleek and clutter-free with Inspired Elements’ most in-demand Hinge Fitted Wardrobes, from transforming your interior into a chic household altogether while organising it efficiently. Inspired Elements work with an all-inclusive team of interior designers, manufacturers, and retailers to furnish Wardrobes with Glass Doors bespoke to your style.

This Wardrobe Sliding Doors system offers full modularity with bespoke finishes. Easy to match with Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and bridging units for beds. Our designers ensure every Wardrobe Storage reflects the luxury touch with our sleek handles range and a wide choice of colours and materials. We have the perfect collection of Bespoke Bedroom Furniture that precisely suits your design sense. Our custom-made contemporary bespoke hinged mirrored wardrobe doors can be made in neutral colours to add a sleek, classy and stylish look to your room.  You can easily add a bright accent by choosing an unusual colour for your hinged door closet.


  • Hinged storage spaces offer a unique solution to every room and space, no matter the area dimensions. Our designers take the exact measurement of your space and mark your requirements. When it comes to maintenance cost, fitted hinged wardrobes and hinged mirrored wardrobe doors have comparatively fewer expenses with the added benefit of easily replaced hinges. Call our team today and book your free design visit with Inspired Elements. We make industry-leading Hinged Wardrobes bespoke to each new client. Our designs are created based on your interiors, taste and style, and allotted budget.
  • Inspired Elements offer an assorted collection of Hinged wardrobe doors with diverse door styles and finish. When it comes to painted doors, we spray masterfully to create any colour or finish desired. Our clients have the choice to select from an endless palette of colours and finishes. Be it lacquered, high gloss, matt, or silk, each of the Hinged wardrobe doors and hinged mirrored wardrobe doors we make come with all the accessories suited. Our Hinged Doors accessories are designed to use the space provided optimally. Likewise, our most in-demand Sliding Fitted Wardrobes also prove to the crowd-favourite with top hung sliding doors and an array of bespoke accessories fitted with each new sliding wardrobe.
  • You can even customise the type of handle – from sleek stainless steel handles, classic doorknobs, or even luxe leather finished handles. With hinged fitted wardrobe doors, you can hang your accessories like sling bags, scarves or belts on the back of the doors. We have a variety of external and internal finishes to choose from. Our modern fitted hinged wardrobes ranges come in different colour finishes, woods, glass and mirror; it’s even possible to use fabric & leather finishes for specific products. Inspired Elements has a great selection of handles, from sleek short handles, integrated handles, or long handles for hinged wardrobes. The design can be adapted to the room layout from a corner fitted hinged wardrobe to a fitted hinged wardrobe around the bed. Extra features can be added to hinged door wardrobes, from built-in wardrobes with Wall Mounted TV Units to fitted wardrobes with dressing tables. The options are endless.

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