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  • September 28, 2021 12:36 pm
  • London


  • Category: Furniture
  • Furniture Type: Bed / Bedroom Item
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Optimise your Wardrobe Storage with Inspired Elements’ Storage organisers, where we design & create bespoke storage solutions unique to each space & client. For more information, please contact us at 020 3397 8387

Personalised and functional wardrobe storage is a storage solution significant for every household. We never stop adding things to our closets, and organising such additions can be a task on its own. Hence, Inside Wardrobe Storage is an all-in-one solution for all your storage and space problems. Our team at Inspired Elements brings you our extensive range of Walk in Wardrobes. Our fitted storage solution is bespoke to all family sizes and interiors. Be it you or your kids’ clothing, gadgets, accessories, books, etc. We make Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes for all your unique requirements.


  • Whether you need a clutter-free bedroom or a modern and organised living room, our storage solutions encompass all the furniture and design requirements. We strive to create custom-built wardrobe storage for families who want to maximise their walking space and minimise the unkempt and unorganised interior. Customise your fitted storage with our all-new Contemporary Bedrooms Collection and provide a cohesive theme to your interior at Inspired Elements. Our interior designers pay a free visit to your house, list all your storage requirements with measurements, and design a bespoke interior imbibing your style statement.
  • Be it an additional shoe rack or a new under-bed drawer. Inspired Elements provides all kinds of designs and furniture you want, with unlimited wardrobe storage combinations and unique fitted storage features being added every day. Our team works round the clock with every new client and delivers high-end, quality products within the targeted time. While selecting fitted wardrobe storage if you look for shelving of drawers, these tower units are simple to build with endless combinations to fit even the most awkward spaces, we have just what you need.
  • We can also design and include Dressing Tables Set, bedside tables, and ottomans into your overall bedroom design. In the grand scheme of your project, these additional items cost very little but make a hugely positive impact on the effect of your bedroom design overall even if it’s a shoe rack for the inside wardrobe or a wardrobe clothes rail. We bring to an excellent collection of fitted wardrobe storage, accompanied by every accessory you need from fitted storage cupboards to wardrobe shoe storage.

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