Website surveys are a handy tool to have on your site to gather all types of feedback from your customers, but it is only useful when you ask the questions pertinent to your site.

Businesses conduct surveys to discover answers to specific, important questions to help them provide a better service to their customers.

Answers can be anonymous so you can rest assured you will receive honest, reliable data to cover a diverse range of topics. With constructive feedback, you may discover who is not happy with your services and so consider how to win back their hearts and loyalty.

Your survey must be engaging, where you are seen to put the needs of your customers first. Do not bore your readers with needless questions but personalise the experience with logic jumps.  Allow them to skip to questions, based on their previous answer, as if they were talking to you in a non-structured way.

The resulting data, from your company survey, can be returned to you in clear and concise reports for you to analyse. Treat the answers as a snapshot of your customers´ attitudes, comments and opinions to help you understand what you must do to optimise your services to them and to help make your business more successful.

If you would like more information on creating a survey for your website, please email or phone me, details on my website, to discuss details.




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