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VIVE Pro 2 Headset Review: Improvements.

When 2016 released their first version of the VIVE HMD (Head-mounted Display), it was considered by many to be one of if not the best virtual reality headsets available at that time. The headset was very comfortable with its fabric band, and the controllers for this release were much better than other major competitors like Oculus Rift. For 2017, HTC released an upgraded version of the VIVE Pro that fixed one of the major flaws in their original headset.

The improvements that were made on the HMD by just changing a few small components really changed some people’s opinions about it. The new headsets have a much better weight distribution and more padding on some of the contact points. With the changes made to the headset, I found that it was more comfortable than their original model and had a lot less pressure on my face.

With the improvements in comfort, the weight distribution is so much better than before. The VIVE Pro 2 headset feels like it is evenly distributed around your head and feels very secure with no chance of it falling off.

Another aspect of the VIVE Pro 2 is the improved resolution. The original headset was already very high quality with its 2880 x 1600 pixels per eye, but the upgraded model surpasses that with a 3360 x 1838 pixel screen for each eye. This might not seem like a big difference, but it really does make a difference in picture quality.

The final improvement that was made is to the Fresnel lenses used on the headset. The original VIVE Pro had some major issues with lens fog, which caused a lot of people to lose their sense of immersion by having to take the headset off for a few minutes to clear up their vision. This can be very annoying after spending money on an expensive headset, and it can also be very dangerous in some games.

VIVE Pro 2 Headset Review: Features

When it comes to virtual reality, HTC has always been one of the most popular brands out there. Their Vive line is well known for being better than other headsets, so it should be no surprise that their upgraded version of the Vive Pro is even better. Below are the star feature that makes VIVE Pro 2 ultimate head set.

Features of the VIVE Pro 2 headset include:

A new display with higher resolution: Resolution: 3360×1838 per eye (2880×1600 original HMD)

A redesigned head strap that has been made to be even more comfortable and secure when you wear it.

Built-in headphones with noise cancellation

Improved Fresnel lenses with a reduced chance of any lens fogging up while they are being used.

Weight: Lightweight (0.75lbs)

VIVE Pro 2 Headset Review: Pros and Cons

The upgraded version of the VIVE Pro headset has fixed most of the issues that their original model had, but there are still some cons to it. The only real con I have experienced with this headset is with the pixelation when using it in full 1080p resolution. A lot of people would say that since it is being used in virtual reality it shouldn’t matter what resolution you have, but for me I noticed a difference.

The pixels seem to be larger and more spread out with the VIVE Pro 2 headset than they were on their original model. It wasn’t a huge issue for me since I purchased this headset specifically because of its increased resolution, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

VIVE Pro 2 Headset Review: Verdict

If you already own the original VIVE Pro headset, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to the 2nd generation model unless you really care about having the increased resolution. The other improvements that were made are great and definitely make this version of their HMD much better than before, but if you don’t have any issues with your current one then there is no real reason to upgrade.

However, if you don’t own either model and were thinking about purchasing the VIVE Pro HMD then I would definitely suggest getting this upgraded version instead of the original one. It is still priced at a high price point like the original was, but it has fixed most of the issues that their previous model had.

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