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Wondering where is the best place to buy a property in the UK. Here are our top 5 places in the UK to buy a house.


  1. Lying on the South Bank of Humber Estuary, the city of Grimsby is anything but grim. Grimsby is a vibrant town that bustles, always on the move. Flooded with young life, Grimsby retains a lively pub and club scene, an extensive shopping center and convenient transportation routes, including a small airport. As employment rises and job prospects improve, Grimsby offers three-bedroom houses at a very affordable price point. Grimsby is breathing new life into its lanes, welcoming home buyers who are looking for a fresh start.

2-Stanley, County Durham

  • Formerly a coal-mining town in County Durham, Stanley has seen the effects of healthy investments in recent years. Entertainment venues have been revamped all over the city, including leisure facilities, a new swimming pool and a solar-powered bus interchange. With more improvements on the way, the economic downfall Stanley experienced for much of the last twenty years, is coming into fruition. Affordable housing coupled with improved job opportunities, has Stanley projecting the comeback of 2022.

3-Rhondda, Glamorgan

  • Nestled in the Welsh Rhondda Valley is the charming and eclectic town of Rhondda. Lush in natural beauty and storybook views, home buyers can purchase a three-bedroom terraced home at a reasonable cost. Additionally, Tonypandy is the principal town of the Rhondda Valley, where promising employment opportunities are waiting for new families. Close to vital arteries, Rhondda is conveniently located, served by the Taff Vale railway line.


  • Soaked in a heritage of music and art, Liverpool has been transformed by an ambitious regeneration program. Now considered one of Britain’s leading cities for culture and business, easy housing prices are the cherry on top of the real estate scoop. The generous supply of cheap housing is temporary, as housing prices seem to lag behind the bigger picture investors have painted.

Leeds, West Yorkshire

  • According to a recent census, the West Yorkshire city of Leeds is the third-largest Metropolitan area in the UK. Leeds has a rich reputation in cultural, financial, and commercial integrity. Surrounding areas such as Wakefield, Pontefract and Bradford swank affordable housing and top tier schooling, perfect for first time home buyers. A success story that rose out of the Industrial Revolution, Leeds continues its rise in 2022.

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